Sketch Book 53: Alien Face

Drawing - Alien FaceLife has been keeping me even more busy than typical. I actually drew this “Alien Face” back in April and haven’t drawn anything since. I have changed jobs though, and I am hoping that means I’ll have a bit more time for myself, including time for art.

Anyway, this was mostly a place with shadows, seeing how they affected perception of raised areas. I chose an alien’s face so that I wouldn’t be focused on getting it “right” and could instead focus on experimenting and seeing how things turned out. Obviously, better symmetry would improve the drawing, but this helped me to realize how even a hint of shadow or light reflection can really affect the sense of depth that a drawing has. Despite how little the helmet-like part has, it fights with the depth of the eyes. Looking at it in one place gives the sense that the eyes are recessed behind the helmet; in another place the eyes are more bug-ish, making them appear to stick out quite a bit.

I still have a lot to learn, but I had fun with this drawing and feel that it did help me with my understanding of light in drawings.

Sketch Book 52: Hydralisk

Well, I was able to resist the urge to buy StarCraft 2 for quite a while, but I eventually caved. For those who don’t know, the original StarCraft came out in the 90s and was a great real-time strategy (RTS) game that built upon Blizzard’s success with Warcraft 2, substituting a sci-fi world for the previous medieval one. After many years of waiting, fans finally got to see the sequel. I avoided the initial rush to purchase, but I was craving an RTS game a few weeks ago and decided to buy it.

Anyway… I was sick a couple of weekends ago, so I decided that resting and doing a simple drawing would do me some good. I chose to draw a hydralisk from the StarCraft world. I had one small reference photo on my phone, but I mostly took artistic liberty and modified it as I drew it. Hydralisks are so small in the game that I didn’t feel a need to go for a perfect replica and I instead played around with harsh shadows, giving the hydralisk a more skeletal look.

The biggest problem I had with this drawing was the raised arm/claw. The perspective is definitely off, but I just couldn’t get it to look right. The face also looks a little “funky” because of the angles, but I’m overall happy with the drawing. It’s pretty different from anything else I have drawn and the skeletal look came out well.

It’s been a while since I actually updated my blog with a drawing, so here’s one…. that I actually drew this back in December. Yup, it took me three months to get around to uploading it. I definitely haven’t been giving my art the attention that I should, but I have been productive with other projects.

I’m relatively pleased with the way this picture turned out. I wanted the focus to be on the mid/upper portion of the drawing, so I neglected detail in the lower third. Some of the shadows turned out a bit harsher than I intended, but they’re pretty good overall. I like the way that the hint of the ribcage turned out, but I don’t think the abs look as natural. The breasts are pretty good with the exception of the shading at the top right of the (viewer’s) left one. The collar bones turned out well, but I’m not satisfied with the way the neck looks. Oh well, there’s always next time!

Apologies for the white balance being a bit off with the photo. I took a quick shot of it and didn’t do any post processing (other than a quick resize), so it’s not as good as it should be.

Sketch Book 50: Skull

I was actually going to draw Santa Claus on this past Saturday, but I couldn’t decide on a good pose. I’m not sure why, but I changed my mind and decided to draw a skull (seems like Halloween would have been a better holiday for this). I drew part of a skull once before when I drew “Face and Skull” over two years ago. That drawing was a bit more focused on structure whereas this one I decided to focus on light (or lack of it).

My proportions are a bit off, but overall I think it looks good. I decided to add a few rough cracks to hint at why this person is no longer living, though I suppose that if everything but your skeleton has decayed, you’ve probably been dead for quite a while. Anyway, the cracks were a good chance to play with irregular shapes and their effect on lighting.

This one clearly turned out well enough that I was willing to take the time to get out my real camera instead of just snapping a quick photo with my cell phone.

Sketch Book 49: Spaceship

Immediately after creating my previous sketch (Forearm and Fist), I wanted to do something a little more technical with more light variation. For whatever reason, I chose to draw a spaceship; however, just a few minutes into the drawing, I lost interest. I think that lack of interest shows pretty significantly too. The perspective is bad and the contrast isn’t correct, but at least I had some fun drawing the background, which started out as dots and slowly became a bit more interesting (sort of like that famous photo that the Hubble telescope took). I had a tough time deciding on the light source, which was intended to be the light “engine” part toward the top back of the ship, but then I realized how problematic that would be in space, so it doesn’t look very natural. Oh well, at least the next drawing is much more interesting….