I have returned

After a quick trip to South Carolina, I have returned to the crisp, clean air of Washington. Humorously enough, it was actually warmer in Bellingham (which is practically touching that frigid iceland known as Canada) this past Monday and Tuesday (over eighty degrees fahrenheit!) than it was down there (70-ish). The temperature appears to have returned to normal here though, hitting only mid-sixties today.

On the plane ride back, I overheard an Army person next to me talking to the lady sitting next to the aisle. He was telling her how he was moving away from Washington, because it rained too much. He said the 30 days of straight rain in December were too much for him and he was going back to the South (I believe he said Arkansas). I wonder if he realizes that it rains far more in the South than here?

Does he realize the existance of something I like to call “summer” where it basically only rains a couple days a month and is sunny the rest of the time here in Washington? Though, to him, summer probably means excessive humidity, daily storms, and a necessity for air conditioning. He said his children were stuck inside during all of Washington’s winter and I had to wonder… I always played outside in the rain, because it is usually just a sprinkle here and it never stopped me from playing basketball. On the contrary, I saw very few people outside in the South year-round. In the winter they had ice storms, half the year they had hurricanes, and in the summer you will pretty much die if you do anything physical outside (100 degrees and 95% humidity is not a good combination). I liked the weather in the Middle East more than in the southern part of the United States. But, hey, whatever keeps you cool.

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  1. 1 Robert Ashworth

    In many parts of the USA it does rain more than in Bellingham, but it rains hard and then stops. In Bellingham, we get our rain a few drops at a time so it stays cloudy and threatening to rain for days on end. Late summer is dry. I also like it better than places where people don’t get outdoors. Bicycling is the best way to travel.

    I enjoy your blog and insightful views on religion.