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As if God wanted to further prove my point, this wacko was on campus today. First off, his sign was wrong. Not only did he incorrectly quote the scripture, he didn’t even use the right punctuation! Yes, I am picky because I am an English major, but I really feel like if you want to […]

Prepare for your vacation

You’re going to hell. At least that’s what many religions are saying. I am going to write my own set of beliefs soon, but I thought a nice prelude to that would be to explain some of the problems with the organized religions that I have encountered. Most of these relate to forms of Christianity […]

Lock your freedom in a box

It really amazes me what the government can get away with now. Currently, the big issue is the NSA monitoring everybody’s phone call records. I feel even more dumbfounded when I read that Americans actually agree with these actions. Keep in mind the NSA is not specifically obtaining records for terrorists and people with suspected […]

Adults are always saying children these days just aren’t as courteous as in the past. Rarely is it said that adults are not as courteous. So, I’m saying it. I’ve been apartment hunting for some time now in anticipation of the school year coming to a close and preparing for my full-time summer position. I […]

If only it was a one-night stand

Watch the video Poor guy…