Goodbye, Feedburner

I’ve decided to ditch Feedburner. Maybe I expected a little too much from it, but FB did not deliver to my satisfaction. Initially, I was rather skeptical of adding another piece to the puzzle, one more thing that can go wrong, but I was lured in with the promise of Analytics-like stats about my feed and how it was used. I was largely disappointed.

Feedburner is probably a lot more useful if you are willing to pay for the additional features, but I don’t blog to make money (though any indirect income is nice since it keeps the out-of-pocket costs down). I just don’t see why I would pay for the additional features when I wasn’t impressed with the basic feature-set. Maybe if they gave new users 7 days of full usage, I could see what I was missing and actually feel bad about not losing more money on my blog, but they’d rather just leave you wondering. I can’t help but compare their service to Analytics, which is free and does far more than Feedburner.

Perhaps if I have an abundance of time in the future (ha!), I’ll write a WordPress plugin that can do feed stats itself. For now, make sure you are using as the feed URL. I’ll keep the FB feed around for a little while to give people a chance to switch, if needed, but in a week or so I’ll be deleting it entirely.

4 Responses to “Goodbye, Feedburner”

  1. 1 Rick Klau

    We’re sure sorry to lose you, would you mind sharing what you found unsatisfying? We’re always aiming to improve the service, so it’s possible that some of the things you found lacking may be improved in the future.

    One note: you may delete the feed whenever you want; we detail here how we redirect requests for the feed back to your source feed, so you won’t lose any subscribers.

    Again we’re sorry to lose you, but thanks for giving us a try.


    Rick Klau
    VP, Publisher Services

  2. 2 Josh Schumacher

    Wow, that was quick turnaround to post a message on your blog from FeedBurner. I think the free seven day trial of their premium features would be very useful. After I wrote that last sentence, I decided to log into my feedburner account and I found out, they do offer a free 15 day trial or their pro service. Anyway, I think that a wordpress plugin would be an amazing idea to replace the basic functionality of feedburner.

  3. 3 Gordaen

    I appreciate the quick reply and actual interest in my reasoning as a user, Rick. Even more so, I appreciate that you supplied that link to help with the transition back to my regular feed. That’s the kind of customer service that makes one more willing to come back to a service later on and to suggest it for others (quite unlike the tactics of AOL that Vincent Ferrari exposed). I’ll try to make time tomorrow to write a detailed post about my expectations and experiences with Feedburner.

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