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iPod = iDead?

Sometimes you read a headline and know that the story is going to be perfect blog material; it can be so good that you don’t even have to read the article. The advantage to actually reading it, or at least skimming it, is that you can pick out huge chunks of text to quote in […]

Microsoft provides us with another example of why attention to detail is valuable.

Unresponsive Script

Call me crazy, but I think this is more artistic than some of the abstract art I’ve seen…

Stop In The Name Of The Law

Or don’t, whatever works. If you are trying to stop something from happening in the future, what do you do? I would try to find out the motivation for the action(s) and eliminate that motivation. For instance, if I knew that a car would crash into a tree, I would do something beforehand to prevent […]

Vaccines And Text Messages

The demand for vaccines would be much higher if they could send you a text message saying, “I just saved your ass from Influenza/Hepatitis A/Ugly Pox!”