Flash Game: Bloons Tower Defense

Screenshot of Bloons Tower Defense

Don’t play Bloons Tower Defense if you have little time to spare. It’s addictive! The objective is to pop the balloons (bloons) as they go along the path. You build towers (between rounds or during rounds) that attack the bloons. The cheapest tower is a monkey that slowly throws darts at nearby bloons, but you can upgrade it to have a longer range and a piercing dart that can pop two bloons with one hit. The ultimate tower is pretty much a monkey on speed. He twitches wildly as he throws darts at superhuman (or supermonkey) speeds.

The graphics are fairly simple, looking similar to a board game, and the game’s concept is very easy to grasp. Just watch out, because the bloons become faster and take multiple hits (black bloons pop into two yellow ones, which each take a few more hits to pop). Fortunately, there are only 50 levels, or I’d probably not be posting on the blog for quite a while…. Give it a try!