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Redesigning A Redesign

I’ve been working on a complete redesign of my ugly main site this summer (including rewriting all of the code). When I was perhaps halfway done, I thought that I should use a PHP framework. I had to redo most of the code, again, but it would save me work in the future and force […]

Browser Tab Completion

It doesn’t take long using a command line before you start to use tab completion everywhere else. Of course, pretty much nothing else works, including the address bar of a browser. Not working doesn’t seem to really kill the habit though. The real question is, why doesn’t my browser download a site’s sitemap and use […]

Fosters, Australian for Budweiser The more students in the class, the less you have to go High school friends really were just high school friends There really isn’t a “popular group” after all and you can typically be yourself* The lower the degree someone has, the more s/he will help you You can fit eight […]

Some of my coworkers have been struck by the Python bug (the one that makes you think Python is superior to all other languages) and they’ve been using the Django framework quite a bit. Since most of our code is in PHP, my knowledge is focused around PHP, and I have not had the time […]

Comic: Picasso

This is another comic I did with my graphics tablet. It’s definitely not the funniest of ideas, but the content allowed me to be a terrible artist and get away with it. You can’t turn down that opportunity.