Weather Guess Results

In yesterday’s post, I briefly mentioned the inaccuracies of weather predictions. NWS expected a high of 74 and was going for 78. My guess based on a glance out the window was a lower 72 degrees. Both sites are reporting that the high yesterday was only 69 degrees, making my guess better than their predictions. I wonder what will come first, accurate meteorological predictions or atmospheric control units? Somehow, I don’t think either will be happening soon.

2 Responses to “Weather Guess Results”

  1. 1 Bernie Zimmermann

    I think you’ve found your calling 😉

  2. 2 Gordaen

    Haha, yeah, I’m pretty good at guessing, but I think I’d rather take photos or paint than stare at the sky and weather reports all day. I think once you’ve lived at a place long enough, you can tell which clouds look like rain clouds (they have to be pretty dark here compared to the east coast, for instance) and generally guess how a day is going to be based on how warm/cold the morning is and how the sky looks. You would think that with the processing power available today, we could make reasonably accurate weather predictions. This whole week they were off by several degrees and often wrong on their guesses about cloud cover and fog.