Full Moon Photograph

Full Moon

A few days ago the sky looked really cool because the moon was surrounded by clouds that it was lighting up. I wanted to get a good photo of it, but there was too much difference in the brightness of the moon and that of the clouds. The longer exposure time needed to get the clouds to come out overexposed the moon and was long enough that you could actually see the progress of the moon in the sky from one photo to the next. I decided to wait until Wednesday (today) to try again, because the full moon should be bright enough. Fortunately, clouds did not obscure it. Unfortunately, there were essentially no clouds in the sky.

I took this photo zoomed in at 300mm (f/40, 1/9 sec). It actually didn’t come out well but I pulled the raw image up in Bibble Pro and spent some time with it. (I’ve been playing with several different programs for working with raw images in Linux, so I’ll probably do an in-depth post later.) I had to modify the curves quite a bit to get a nice contrast among the different levels of brightness and I used “Noise Ninja” (their noise reduction feature) to clean it up. The photo looks pretty good, but it certainly shows why some people might buy Canon’s freaking huge L lenses. Some day, some day…