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Bad Weather Guesses

Yesterday’s high as predicted by NWS was supposed to be 71. said it would be 78 (and later adjusted to 77). The high reported on both sites? A blistering 64 degrees. NWS is claiming 74 for today and is going with 78 again. My guess based on nothing other than a two second […]

Some Night Photos Around Bellingham And WWU

Continuing to explore my interest in long(er) shutter speeds, I went last night and took some photos. People seem to look at photographers a bit strangely when they’re out in the dark. I didn’t take my usual gig+ of photos, but I did learn quite a bit about how (inaccurately) the camera guesses the appropriate […]

iGoogle Hiccup

This is how my “iGoogle” page showed up yesterday. Fortunately, a quick refresh took care of the problem.

Web Developer Lingo

Every job affects the way you communicate. After a while, you don’t really realize your special lingo or the alternate meanings that words and sayings acquire. Here’s a list of ten phrases/words that web developers interpret differently from other occupations. “Checkout the trunk” Web Developer: “Using svn, right?” Zoologist: “Yeah, that’s an amazing elephant!” “That […]

Watching Orca (Killer) Whales

If you’ve never been out whale watching, you’re missing out. I expected to have a fairly good time, thinking that the whales would mostly be a few hundred yards away. I thought that I’d see some fins, maybe a little porpoising, but I had low expectations… and they were blown away! There were dozens of […]