More MySpace Spam

First off, let me say that if it really was MySpace, there would be no spam. I received a MySpace newsletter in my Gmail inbox today. The subject had been altered by SpamAssassin, which suspected the newsletter was spam, just as a previous one was. I thought, “That’s strange. I thought I picked to stop receiving this garbage.”

My only other thought was that maybe their site sucked so much that I didn’t find where to cancel the subscription last time. At the bottom of the email was the obligatory message:

At MySpace we care about your privacy. If you don’t want to receive future MySpace newsletters, change your Account Settings to “Do not send me MySpace newsletters.” Click here to change your Account Settings.

I clicked on “Account Settings,” thinking it would take me to the page where I could uncheck the newsletter option. It went to the main page where I logged in and was directed to the “Home” page that you always are directed to upon logging in. “Okay, so MySpace has yet another missing feature, because forwarding the user to the correct location after logging in would take 5 minutes of coding,” I thought. My assumption was that now that I was logged in, I could just reopen the original link, skipping the login prompt, and going straight to the “Quit sending me your POS newsletter” option screen. Of course I’m an idiot for thinking MySpace could do anything right. The link just went to the “Home” page again.

I knew I wanted something to the effect of “Change Account Settings,” but that option wasn’t immediately obvious, so I went with “Edit Profile.” From there I saw the “Account Settings” option off to the right and continued my wonderful journey. After trying a couple of the sections, I found the option I was looking for under “Notifications.”

Screenshot showing the MySpace newsletter option is NOT selected

Imagine that; I had already selected to not receive the newsletter but they sent it anyway. At least this time the email header didn’t contain From: “=?iso-8859-1?Q?MySpace Birthday Reminder?=”
unlike last month’s spam—err, email. I’ll be sending them a message to complain; we’ll see if they respond.

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