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Rapping Paper

Terrible art? Yes! Terrible humor? Yes! Yet, it is somehow still entertaining. This is a (digital) scrap I threw together tonight. I really should have done a worthwhile painting or something else with my time, but I felt like playing with the tablet. It’s not yet late enough for good creativity to set in. And […]

Moved To Slicehost

After continuous frustration with Dreamhost, I’ve moved to Slicehost. Dreamhost has been extremely slow about confirming the registration transfer, but I modified the DNS records to try to force the sites to be served from my new location. Above is a chart showing the response time at for a week; can you guess at […]

Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean? It’s an advertisement from Newegg, a company that I usually praise, but it does not make any sense to me. This did not strike me as typical Newegg quality, so I looked into it a little more. The Seagate press release has this to say:

Tanka: Old Photograph

An old Polaroid photograph turning yellow; fingerprints bring death. Those times long past are fading, melting away with longing

DreamHost Fat Fingers Again

I guess I really ought to just move all my sites away from Dreamhost. The last major issue was a typo that accidentally over-charged their customers by several million dollars. This time, they have shown that a typo can kill their entire datacenter, causing over an hour of downtime, but at least they realized that […]