Sketch Book 28: Male Face Profile

Profile sketch of a male face

After doing two pages of quick sketches, I was having detail withdrawals, so I decided to do another face. Since I’ve practiced all of the faces from the front, I thought it would be good to switch to a side view. Overall, it came out pretty well.

The ear was interesting because I had not drawn one with this much detail previously. I also had to force myself to place it in the correct location because I was tending to want to start it an inch higher, which would not have been right. As easy as the hair is, I think that taking the time to do it right really adds a lot do any drawing. I’m pretty sure I could have my cats draw the face, and I could do the hair, and it would look good overall. I made sure to use a variety of tones to give it some “volume” (though not quite as good as the kind the makes you scream about your shampoo/conditioner in the shower).

The lips could use a bit more detail, but they don’t detract too much from the overall drawing. The shading on the nose is a little darker than it should be, but it’s one of the better noses that I’ve drawn. I think the ear came out quite well, particularly the top of the inner portion. Overall, I am pleased with this drawing.