Parallel Parking Fail

Parallel Parking Fail

For a few minutes every day, I find myself distracted by the incredibly bad parallel parking I see in Seattle. The image is an example of someone with no spacial awareness, the available space roughly the same size as the car. That didn’t prevent him (or her) from attempting to park and then proceeding to hit both the vehicle in front and behind. He then pulled out a bit to correct the angle and did it again. The owner of the car behind came out and banged on the rear quarter panel of the parking vehicle to let the driver know he was about to hit the car again.

The driver drove off shortly after that, but another car came within thirty seconds to try at the same spot. Fortunately, this car was 3/4 the size of the previous vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver still managed to hit both the vehicle in front and the vehicle behind. If only such hits were a rare occurrence and not a daily one.

At least I have gained new respect for the durability of car paint.

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  1. 1 Bernie Zimmermann

    With a car as cool as that one, though, you really should be able to park however you want. :)