It’s been a while since I actually updated my blog with a drawing, so here’s one…. that I actually drew this back in December. Yup, it took me three months to get around to uploading it. I definitely haven’t been giving my art the attention that I should, but I have been productive with other projects.

I’m relatively pleased with the way this picture turned out. I wanted the focus to be on the mid/upper portion of the drawing, so I neglected detail in the lower third. Some of the shadows turned out a bit harsher than I intended, but they’re pretty good overall. I like the way that the hint of the ribcage turned out, but I don’t think the abs look as natural. The breasts are pretty good with the exception of the shading at the top right of the (viewer’s) left one. The collar bones turned out well, but I’m not satisfied with the way the neck looks. Oh well, there’s always next time!

Apologies for the white balance being a bit off with the photo. I took a quick shot of it and didn’t do any post processing (other than a quick resize), so it’s not as good as it should be.

2 Responses to “Sketch Book 51: Female Torso”

  1. 1 Susan Sadler

    I hope you dont mind some constructive criticism by a fellow artist, but your proportions are way off. Have you ever had a nude model for you? Or really looked at a woman naked without a different motive in mind? Because no “real” woman’s sholders are larger than her hips, unless she has resently gone through a major sex change. Not to mention her hands are miniscule, on another note your shading is actually quit good. Most people forget where they put their light source and just assume shadows, but yours look pretty accurate.
    Have you ever skimmed over “drawing on the right side of your brain”? It helped me through my classes so much when I was beginning art.

    I happened upon your blog by pure chance, but so far I’ve found it be very interesting.

  2. 2 Ian Clifton

    Hi Susan, I definitely appreciate constructive criticism, especially since I’ve never taken an art class so I haven’t had much in-depth feedback. Having accurate proportions has always been a challenge to me because I get too focused on each individual piece without stepping back and looking at the overall drawing until it’s far too late. I’m getting a bit better at it but still need a lot of improvement.

    I haven’t ever done a drawing from a nude model in person, so my drawings are usually either based on photos, other drawings, or simply imagination. I have done nude photography; however, that skillset is a bit different…. though my emphasis on lighting may be carrying over from photography to drawing.

    You know, I have seen “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” on Amazon but not in a local bookstore. It seems to get great reviews, but I don’t often buy art books online, since I really like to at least thumb through them in person. I assume you recommend it; are there any others you’d recommend?

    Thanks for the feedback!